15 Things I Miss About College

Many times when students are in college they can’t wait for the day they will graduate. In fact, many of my friends would tell me ” I will not miss anything. It’s time to go and work that money“.

Funny enough, a few months after graduation when I check with them they are so missing college life. Today I will be sharing the top 15 things that I miss about college and the reasons why.

1. Living With Your Friends

You can see your friends whenever you want and nag them whenever you like. They are just down the hall, across the street, over on the other building or in your very room. In the work world, you do not have such luxury. 

2. Your Professors

Even though some may have a been a pain to deal with, you have your favorites of course. I definitely miss that one on one that I shared with some lectures. With some, it is okay to make mistakes as they guide you along the learning process. 

3. Student Discounts

There are quite a number of stores in the college town that would offer discounts to students. Once you have your student ID or number, for the most part, you should be ok. Discounts can range from going into campus events, joining associations, deals at bookstores, accessing digital services, purchasing meals and even discounts on your tuition.

4. Gym Access

In the real world you have to pay for your gym membership. In college, this is included in your tuition and paid fees. Many students don’t even use the gym all semester round. I miss every moment of it and the fitness instructors.

5. Clubs and Societies

Whilst being apart of clubs and societies has its challenges, there is nothing more fun than participating in tasks that you love with likeminded individuals who share the same passions as you. I actually miss hanging out once weekly and doing exciting things together within respective clubs.

6. Living on Your Own

In college, you pretty much live on your own. There is that level of independence. You shop for yourself and pretty much have to do everything. If you don’t do it there is no one to do it for you and it just piles up.

Living with family or a spouse is different. 90% of the time someone is within your space. Living alone you don’t have to cry for any quiet time or focus time when completing a task. 

7. Staying Up Late

After a full day of work, all the college grad wants to do is sleep. By 9 pm my eyes are singing lullabies. Staying up to complete unfinished tasks is much more difficult. Thinking back on all the sleepless nights and the amount of work that I was able to accomplish is awesome.

My new habit is to go to bed early to get up early. More like an 8pm-4am. Still not bad. In college, you manage to pull all-nighters even three nights in a row. 

8. Having Down Time

There is hardly any time to say I have nothing to do. As a responsible adult, there is always something to do. Working in college didn’t afford me much downtime but when I had them the feeling was great. All those canceled classes and free sessions called for a little extra snooze. “Today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed.”(Bruno Mars)

9. Okay To Be Poor

In college, there were lots of students who had no money. I didn’t have to worry about getting my friends expensive gifts for their birthdays or throwing elaborate parties. It was like potlucks, pooling food.

Unless you roll with the kids who spend lots of their parent’s money, being poor and in need was mostly the norm. You buy some of the cheapest things and always looking for deals. Being out of college the norm is to have your money and keep things looking fine. Being cheap and poor is like a crime.

10. Napping Odd Hours

On a 9-5 you better not let your boss catch you taking a sleep break. In college, you can just dash home or to your dorm room, get a 2-3 hour sleep then head back to class. At odd hours of the day you sleep, not to mention in class. 

11. Learning New Things

Learning is very fun and fascinating. If you get stuck in a boring job (my job’s not boring) where everything is routine and no room for experiment or growth, then missing the guided knowledge at college is a must.

You learn something new every day. Your brain is not at sleep but being challenged. In college, the mandate is to learn new things, explore and grow. I enjoyed learning and testing new things consistently.

12. Three Months of Summer Vacation

Who does not want 3 months of vacation every year? What is more fun? You get a long quality break from school. This is if you were not doing summer classes to catch up. A person has to accumulate vacation time in the real world and most times it is not that long. I could go travel abroad, volunteer or do whatever I wish with this time.

13. Access To Free Things 

Being a student opens a wide array of opportunities. At times on campus, there are societies that would offer free grub. If it isn’t on the spot you could get a ticket to go to the cafeteria and collect it. From free counseling on campus to workshops, seminars, free rides on the bus home, free books and much more.

14. Your Friends

In college, you had a built-in social life. You have so many friends and you see them every day. You are pretty much never alone unless you wish to be. You have a friend there to go shopping with or just hang out. They are there for you many times.

Out of college, you have to schedule a time to hook up within the year. You will have new friends or reunite with old friends after college but many of them work and have little time just as you.

15. Meeting People who are Different 

College is said to be one of the few places that you will meet the widest array of people. There is a lot of cultural diversity and you get some first-hand experiences of people from other countries. You meet the good, the bad and the ugly. You get to work with others which help in developing your own self.

The good thing is that everyone is actually on the same level-all students in college to learn. You will not necessarily experience the dog eat dog mentality that exists in the real world. 

I hope that I would have dragged your memory a bit to the good old days. Tell me what it is that you missed most about college in the comments below.



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