10 Must-Have Items For Your Dorm Room

Living in a dorm can be a good experience as well as a bad one. One determining factor that measures this is what you have in your space. A dorm room must have some core features that every student will need to make studying and relaxing a must.

Without these items, you may find yourself being a nag or a burden to others when it comes to borrowing, feeling empty or just making a mess.

In this post, I will be sharing with you 10 items you must-have for your dorm room, in order to make living a little more convenient. All the items listed can be acquired by clicking each heading.

1. Extension Cords

Naturally, students are usually plugging in and charging devices. Does your dorm room only have one or two electric sockets? no problem.

Solve that issue by getting yourself an extension cord. Not just any cord either but get one that carries a surge protector. I have gone through two surge protectors just to say.

Being at the class during a lighting storm, instead of hitting the refrigerator, the surge protector took the hit. Save your computer, phone, and other devices by getting an extension cord that carries a surge protector.

Additionally, an extension cord is useful when you have presentations at class and need projectors and a bunch of other devices to be plugged in.

2. Comfortable Chair

Sitting up doing assignments is no fun especially with a chair that is crocked and causes back pain. The chair that comes with the dorm room may not always be the best when it comes to comfort.

If so, invest in a comfortable chair for yourself. Ensure you bring that level of comfort to your back by providing a better posture.

Believe me that your back, wrist, elbows, neck, and feet will all thank you for that. You will be preventing yourself from future aches, in these body areas which are often associated with improper posture and seating.

3. Speakers

I usually enjoy playing soft music while studying or meditating, and vibrant music while cleaning. Equip yourself with powerful speakers that can amplify the setting of your room as well as being functional in your studies.

I especially like the Light Dancing Water Speakers as they add to the room decor. They create scenery that is captivating to the eyes.

With your own speakers, you can be confident when called upon to produce soft clear quality sound when hanging with friends. Go with the style of speakers that suit your taste.


4. Clothes Hamper

Having a hamper may seem insignificant but having an ideal place to keep your dirty laundry is important. I find that most times what is on the floor, beds, and in the corner of many students’ dorms are dirty laundry.

Without a designated space and container for your laundry, your room will always look like a drag. Get a close hamper that is sturdy and can hold a good amount of clothes. If you skip laundry for a week it should not easily run over.

5. Storage Containers

Utilize every aspect of your room by making more room for your things. While it is not expected that you will bring everything from home into this small space, you do need storage for the things you will definitely be using.

Storage containers are great for organizing your personal items and clothing. These draws are so flexible, that some have even been used as storage for in-home offices.

6. Mini Fridge

Many dorm rooms do not come with a fridge and students end up having to use the one down in the main kitchen for the Hall. This can cause a lot of disarrays and losing your stuff.

Keep your stash of goodies in your room where it is more convenient, by getting yourself a mini-refrigerator. With this, you don’t have to walk a mile to grab a cool drink when you need it.

It is easy to clean and has a lot of space. The doors are normally lockable so if you are worried about a thieving roommate, that should not be a problem.

7. A Fan 

Getting a fan can save you a lot of stress when it comes to heat during the summer, dealing with mosquitoes, or boiling in your room at night.

Sleeping with the windows open at nights might not be the safest thing to do, so getting a fan is not an option. While your college campus will provide heat in the cold seasons so you don’t freeze to death, air conditioning in the summer is not a must.

If you are on a campus where the AC units break down frequently due to their dated life, you definitely know that getting maintenance to fix it can take some time.

Get yourself a fan that does not make much noise and keep yourself cool. Imagine yourself under the sea breeze when others are fussing about overrun ACs that don’t work.

8. Kitchen Cart

Keep your snacks and dishes organized in this cute little kitchen cart. Keep your things in one place when you want to get something quick and fast.

No more running down the kitchen hall or rambling through boxes under your bed or in a suitcase for food items. If your room cupboard is full, this cart is the ideal to display and get easy access to things you frequently use.

9. Comfortable Rug

What better way to rest your tired aching feet after class than to come home to that nice soft feeling under your feet. A soft comfortable rug in your space is what I am talking about.

You don’t have to accept looking at your room’s bare floor or dated college tile. Make it welcoming to you and your feet. Rugs have such soothing feeling under your feet, especially after a shower, rugs.

You don’t have to get something expensive or one covering the entire room. Just make it your flair.

10. Desk Lamp

How awesome it is to have a desk lamp that does more than it’s core function- giving light. Using a desk lamp will help you out in not disturbing your roommate when he or she is trying to nap.

It can be very annoying if someone is unable to sleep with the lights on. With having your lamp in your station of the room, you will have more control.

See it this way, you get to study and your roommate gets to sleep.


I sure believe that through the listed items you have seen the relevance and importance of getting these items for yourself. If you have a roommate you can encourage him or her to do the same.

Tell me which of the 10 must-have items listed you cannot live without, or think is most important in the comments below.



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