10 Fun Things To Do With Your College Friends

There is always a need to take a break from the hassle and cares of being in college. This may be on weekends and you need a little getaway and things to do with your colleagues. It may even be a few days of holiday that you get and want to come up with a some ideas of things that would be fun and you can do together.

There is no time to waste. Do not reach the point where you are burnt out but, rejuvenate your body from all the sleepless nights of work and studying to have a laugh and quality time with friends. Escape the hectic school environs. Trust me you will feel way better before going back to school to hit the books again. Here I have listed the top ten things that you can do.

  • Go To The Beach


The ocean/beach is a really nice place to relax. You can go deep diving to see the coral reef or stay afloat if that is your fear and enjoy the breeze and hear the sound of the waves. Take in some sunshine, this will enable the body to produce Vitamin D. Get some minerals into your skin from the salty water that will not only make your skin feel tighter but also look tighter.

Take a break and de-stress, feel the sand between your toes. Have a swim and burn some extra calories and enjoy doing so. Bring a ball and get the water game or sport going. You may even like to fish and so you can bring along your gears and see who can make the biggest catch.

  • Go Camping/ Hiking


Enjoy the great outdoors. Take a break from the gadgets and enjoy mother nature. Create a bond fire, share stories that you know everyone will enjoy and have fun cooking. You may want to go cycling, fishing and canoeing in the morning, or learn a new skill. Bring your bike, fishing gears, camp wood, food and a few utensils.

Look out for some pranks if your friends are that type. You may wake up with your face all covered with toothpaste or skunk nibbling at your toes from gravy paste.  Also, remember to carry your bug spray for the few bugs that may be present.

Hike a mountain and camp out on the top. There is no technicality to it. If you want to use this as a fitness walk in keeping physically active, this is a good idea. Enjoy the change of temperature. Pack your nap sack and be ready to hit the trails.

  • Go To the Theatre


Watch a musical, play or movie together. An opera or orchestra can be a hobby of yours. Comedy in it’s truest form can bring laughter into your life. Nothing beats watching a live performance. You will never get this at home sitting around your television.

Agree on a play that most if not all your friend would enjoy and get your tickets to see the show as there is usually an entrance fee to see one. It may be a school, class or children play created by the children in your neighbourhood. Support the cause.

If you like musicals this is a good taste. Develop your creativity this free period. Improve your listening, social and communication skills. Believe me, the theatre is a fun place to learn more about societal norms and values. It also explores dimensions that rather goes unnoticed and highlight the cause and effects of life decisions.

  • Go on a Road Trip


Going on a road trip could mean travelling from state to state or an all-island tour. A road trip could take you 1- 3 days if you please. You and your friends can make stops along the way by trying new restaurants, going for a swim see new towns and shopping areas. Explore the adventure side of your life and see this as an opportunity to get a new perspective on life.

Don’t stay locked away in your room all weekend or holiday. Get to know the surrounding places of your city. Sing and listen to awesome songs, catch up on stuff you may have always wanted to do as a child. Be spontaneous and live life to the fullest.

Always take along enough gas funds and a GPS to guide you back home just in case you need it. Have a great trip.

  • Play Water War Together

I can remember my last day of high school when almost all graduating students decided to do something unforgettable. The entire school had a water war. Teachers had to be hiding in their offices, closing doors and windows. It was really fun to soak my teacher as we all ganged them. You can use balloons, small plastic bags or  a water gun. Just ensure that you have enough to soak your friends.

Believe me, you do not want to have your gadgets all wet, so ensure they are safe. You can play water war in your backyard, at the beach or try somewhere on campus like the water fountain if you know you won’t be expelled for it. Your college may even plan to have a water social/juvey and this is an event you and your friends wouldn’t want to miss.

Just remember after this no cab may want to take you home when you are dripping wet. Have your backpack or gun loaded as you enjoy the fun.

  • Do a Cook Out


Everyone love to chill out and have a good time with friends. You could all plan a picnic or cookout get together. Do some barbecue something, drink some punch, do it in potluck style and have a good laugh. Add a little fun sport, music or anything else that would bring off your time together.

There are many games that you can play that will keep you occupied if you get bored. Get out your frisbees,  volleyball, baseball or a board games out and plan to spend the evening having fun.

Don’t be surprised if people who you do not know turn up. Maybe friends of your friends were invited. Anywhere music and food is there is usually a crowd so always have a little extra food. Ensure that there are plenty drinks in a cooler or drum with ice.

Plan ahead and plan your setting, date and time for your new event as well as all that is needed.

  • Attend or Watch a Sport Match


Watching a football game with friends or attending  a match can be really exciting. Nothing beats cheering for your favourite team. Get some snacks, juice, comfortable seating and your props to cheer your team on.

As human beings, we are competitive. You will find yourselves arguing, cracking jokes, yelling or laughing often throughout the game.

Choose which sport that you are fans of. Some are; Football, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, basketball etc. Don’t be too disappointed if your team does not win.

At least you had a fun time with your friends. It is more thrilling than you watching it alone. Now this is the fun part.

You are also able to get various views on what most persons actually saw and what they think. You may think almost everyone is seeing doubles, but that’s just it. Different minds different perspectives. People find everything in this life debatable just face it.

  • Perform a Charitable Task


One of the greatest fulfillment can be found in giving. Offer your time and services to a needy cause. Help out at the a children’s, elderly or disability home. Homeless shelters, food banks, animal shelter, school, hospital and state parks are a few of the many places that service can also be rendered.

There are many benefits to receive when you and your friends help others. Some are; feelings of happiness, generosity, a sense of purpose and improve your social skills. Helping is a sign that says you care. Actions speak louder than words.

Doing a charitable task also helps you to take your mind from the worries that you may be facing and see that persons who may be in less fortunate situations more than you are surviving and you too can make it through your own trials.

All you need to do is arrange with an institution a date and time that is convenient for you and your friends and do so. You will bring joy into the life of someone who really needed and appreciated the help.

This will make you feel accomplished that you have helped someone or a bad situation, not only that, but the feeling is even better to know that your friend played a part and were there.

  • Spend your Day at the Spa


For this activity, you are provided with an option. You can all pay to go to a spa together and have the service of those employed. There are various packages and you can get discounts for going as a group if a lot of you plan to go.  The list of things that you can do are:

  1. Manicure
  2. Pedicure
  3. Hairstyles/cuts
  4. Massages
  5. Facials

Be aware that there are different types of spas and some may not be all inclusive in what I have listed above.

On the other hand, you may be tight on budget.  You can have an at home spa, where you rearrange you setting and treat each or do spa your way. This might work out better for you and your friend if none of you mind. Be careful now to go easy on the massage as you are not professionals.

You do not want to pull out, break, tear or damage your friends.  The aim of having a spa is to be relaxed and ease your stress level. Do not fall asleep now but you can tip off your spa date by eating out at your favourite restaurant.

Visit An Amusement Park


If you enjoy taking rides. Here is a place that is full of it. Rides for all age group is present at amusement parks. This event gives you the chance to see some of your friends cry like a baby. A few minutes of being swirled will not kill you. The roller coasters are fun.

There are rides for whatever speed you like.  Some parks are water like in nature and so you can plan for it if you choose one of these. You will have all the fun in one place.

Food is there so you will not starve to death just bring money. Experience the adrenaline rush as you scream away, take all the photos you want and make it a memorable one for you and your buddies.

Try the go carts, skating  or other ground level activities like me if you are not fond of heights. The list of rides are vast. Don’t worry you will be safely strapped down. Amusement parks are stress-free worlds, You can always play games and win stuffed animals.

Just a little advice you will want to recover with some sleep before you head back to school.


Take charge and recharge. Feel free to leave your comments in the box below.

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